Thursday, September 20, 2012

Amontillado - A Novel by Kevin Koperski

Amontillado is a mystery novel by Kevin Koperski arriving Autumn 2012.


Jacob Lyons is a writer, a drunk, and a bad husband, but he's no murderer. After an unfortunate encounter on a rainy street corner, he finds himself surrounded by hostile detectives accusing him of being exactly that.

Daniel Jefferson is Jacob's only friend. He's determined to help Jacob overcome the downward spiral of a crumbling life, but he can't foresee the trouble that awaits.

Breeana is a book lover who escapes her tired marriage by attending literary discussions and book club gatherings. One stormy night, when the electricity fails and her group discusses The Cask of Amontillado by Edgar Allan Poe, she meets an intriguing newcomer who ignites her passions and offers the adventure she desires.

That intriguing newcomer is the witty and mysterious Marcus McComber, a man with a dark past and darker intentions. He will tell the tale of his romantic conquests to the fellow who sits beside him every night at the local tavern, the writer, the drunk, the accused murderer named Jacob Lyons.

Amontillado is a circular story of lust, betrayal, infidelity and murder. It is also an experiment in unrequited love, uncontrollable passion, and unparalleled evil, asking a single question that will propel the story to its stunning conclusion:

Who kills who?