Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Autographed Copies of Amontillado Available via Amazon

Amontillado - A Novel by Kevin Koperski
More than a few people who, for whatever reason, live outside the Chicagoland area have asked how to obtain signed copies of Amontillado. Well, there's now a better answer than, "Fly to Chicago and track Kevin down with a hunting dog, but be sure to have a copy of the book and a Sharpie on hand when you find him."

That answer: Amazon.com.

Copies sold from and shipped by Streetlamp Press will be signed by the author on the title page and will include a free chapbook edition of a random short story taken from Kevin's short story collection, Longing at Shadows: Tales of Love and Madness, which is currently only available digitally.

Simply use this Amontillado link to go directly to the Streetlamp Press seller page.  Or, if you view the New & Used copies on Amazon, look for the Streetlamp Press seller option:

In the future, Kevin plans to sell books through his website, but for now this is the most efficient option. If you have questions, leave them in the comments of the blog or on Amontillado's Facebook / Twitter / Google+ pages.

Short Stories by Kevin Koperski
Short Story Chapbooks by Kevin Koperski

For more information on Streetlamp Press, visit the Streetlamp Press website.

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