Friday, February 1, 2013

The Reviews are In

AMONTILLADO continues to bask in good reviews. Here's a sample of what readers and reviewers are saying at

"Loved this book! AMONTILLADO is a mystery with a good smidgen of romance! The mystery kept me wanting to read more, the plot and pacing was great. Colorful characters of the book kept me drawn in with a lot of twists and turns." - Sharyn

"Simply put, Amontillado can be described as a mystery with a love triangle, but it is anything but typical." - Dan

"I want people to read this book." - Fiona

"If you love the classics but want something a little more modern, this book is for you."

"This was a great book, with a lot of mystery from the first page to the last." - Kristy

"This mystery has a classic feel to it but with a twist of modernization." - Michael

"If you are a fan of Edgar Allan Poe, I don't think you will be disappointed." - HMF

"Amontillado is a murder mystery, a romance, and a tragedy, in equal parts... I cannot remember the last book I read so fervently... I definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery or drama." - Chris

But don't take their word for it. Try Amontillado for yourself. It's available now in hardcover from and Barnes &, and it's also available for Kindle.

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